Set rations on the go

Cowconnect app package for weighing and feeding transforms how you feed your cows.

Available for all feeders

Plug & play installation with SIM-card included. Compatible with all types and brands of feeders.

Intuitive to operate

Spend less time managing feeding.Feed optimization on a new level

Keep track on every load

Stockmanagement available from PRO. Integrate weighbridge

Drive feeder accuracy and feed as a team

Get reliable and live reports on feed intake, efficiency and costs. Access feeding data by app and online portal

Choose an app package that fits your herd size

Transforms how you feed your herd

compatible with all brands and types of feeders

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Claus Bak, 180 Cows

Set recipes on the go

"Cowconnect  gives us all information at hand. It's userfriendly, efficient and helps us feeding as a team."

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Plug & Play Installation

1. Install App

1. Install App

Sign in and connect to WIFI

2. Start feeding

2. Start feeding

Setup and adjust rations by app

3. Live feeding data

3. Live feeding data

Access  data by app or online portal


Key features of LITE is auto sync of rations across mobile devices and cloud, and access to portal with live reporting of mixprecision, feed consumption and cost


Key features of PRO is management of unloading to multiple pens, stockmanagement and reporting of DM intake and feed efficiency


Key features of PREMIUM is automatic dataintegration of milk yield and cow numbers from selected herdmanagment systems


key features of contractor is seperat app login for farmers and time registration. Manage rations from 20-30 customers in real-time.

BASIC - Coming soon

Key features of Basic is simple and easy feed management by app. No more paper feedsheets or manual transfer of feedingdata

Selected Distributors

Connect to power and loadcells

Or mount as add-on to traditional indicator by seriel input

Plug & Play retrofit

Choose scale connectors. Gateway fits digistar, ptm, dinamica connectors

Simplified remote service.

Upgrade on app and portal features without hardware exchange

Add-on to any feeder, digester and weighbridge

SIM-card included. Farm wifi not needed.

Fits all mixers

Trailed, stationary and selfpropelled. Customized integrations available on request

Selected Feeding Partners

Choose 5" or 8" terminal

Drive feeder accuracy with intuitive app interface

Ruggedized terminals for industrial use

Instant shift between more feeders from same terminal

Terminals include robust mounts

Additional docks available as flexible option

Any device as cabdisplay

Multiple cabdisplay solution. IOS and ANDROID

Robust suctioncup mounting

Large display with big buttons and numbers

Other CONNECT solutions


Add Scaleconnect on any weighbridge, and keep track on yield and deliveries on-the-go. Monitor stock by silo, crop, field and supplier.


Manage multi-site plants in real-time on digester input, costs and stock. Customized reporting for gas certification.


Package for NIR-Analysis. DM analysis, nutritional parameters and yield-mapping. All delivered cloudbased, instant and user-friendly.


CowConnect and NorFor team up to provide next-generation feed optimizing program on Cowconnects easy to use platform