Keep track on every load

Integrate any weighbridge to the farm processes

Previous we spent to much time handling deliveries. Now our contractor chauffeurs really supports the registration jobs during silaging, and I can follow all loads delivered to my farm on-the-go.

German farmer

Shortly after we started using Cowconnect for our diet feeder, we decided to add Scaleconnect to the newly purchased weighbridge. The result is a total input-output monitoring solution on farm.

Danish dairy farmer
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Retrofit on any weighbridge

All registrations are done by app from the tractorseat

Integrate any weighbridge to farm processes

1. Add-on Gateway

Gateway fits any weighbridge indicator or wall display, sending the weight data instant and direct to the app via mobile network.

2. Stock overview

Intuitive and timesaving registration of loads from the tractor seat by app to the cloud. No mistakes by manual dataentry or papers in the cabin.

3. Integrations

Monitor stock in connection with consumption by mixerwagons and digesters. Integrated as features in Cowconnect and Bioconnect. 

Fits forage- and transportwagons

Retrofit loadcells mounted axelwise and on drawbar.

Scaleconnect package

Scaleconnect is a combined solution of a cloudbased software and a hardware Gateway. Gateway connects to and read weight output from any indicator or display. All registrations are done by app directly from the tractorseat.

Product package


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