Getting good results is not about gut feeling – it is about science.

Feed is, as we all now, one of the biggest costs on a farm. It can be tempting to feed less concentrate, because farmers send a big part of their income to feed ...

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Newest addition to our team!

As CowConnect continues to grow, so does our team. This is why we are welcoming Gary Jackson who has plenty of experience in farming to our team as our UK sales representative.

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How Cheshire dairy has reduced ration costs

Tom Halton shares his experience with CowConnect and how it has provided Halton Farms with access to make quick and easy changes in their daily feedings to improve their overall mix precision.

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CowConnect and NorFor team up!

”With NorFor we now have a complete ecosystem of feed management, stock management and nutrition modeling in one system that runs smoothly and gives you reliable reports on feed efficiency using NorFor’s cloud-based technology.” Jesper Mortensen, Co-founder of Cowconnect

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An easier life with Cowconnect

Claus Bak’s everyday life has become much easier after buying Cowconnect. He has gained much a better overview of the feed plans 180 black-bred Danish organic cows after investing in Cowconnect.

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CowConnect improves earnings

With 300 cows to be fed, and several employees to keep track of feed plans, farmer Carsten Lindberg sometimes had challenging days of work. This is however not the case after he introduced Cowconnect to his farm.

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Optimizing by minimizing

Nutrition is by far the most expensive part on a dairy farm. It accounts for roughly 60% of the total cost. The optimal use of feed is therefore of great importance on a dairy farm.A method to minimize feed costs is to optimize refusal feed.

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