Main products (ikke brugt)

App & Weightbox

Apart from displaying weight, the CowConnect app has lots of other features. With the app you can set rations on the go, adjust the amount of animals in each stable and a lot more. On the portal you get your daily feeding reports automatically from the app, which helps you save time on farm paperwork. CowConnect gathers your feeding data in the cloud, so you can check your data no matter where you are. Even though the app offers a lot of features, it is still simple and easy to use. One of the main features of the CowConnect Premium App and portal is that we offer automatic realtime exchange of your feeding data to Heard Management Systems, which helps you feed more efficiently. To see all of this data, you simply use our portal..

Weighing box

The main idea behind the CowConnect solutions is to make daily mixing and feeding easier, quicker and more efficient, while keeping it simple. To use the CowConnect weighing system you need our weighing box, our App and our portal. The weighing box can be installed on any machine, as it comes with all kinds of connectors. The only thing you need to do is to check your wagon, and order a box with the right connectors. If you are not sure which one to order, we would be glad to help you. The weighing box measures the load in your wagon, after which it displays the weight on the app via WiFi or 4G, depending on how far away your terminal is from the box. The CowConnect weighing box can also be connected to your weighbridge, so you for instance can track your silo intake.


The App is available in the App Store and Google Play and comes in Basic, Pro and Premium, which offer different features. Select which level you want. If you regret, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade anytime. The Basic CowConnect App offers the basic features, whereas the Premium CowConnect App offers all the features, including realtime exchange with herd management systems. If you want to use the CowConnect weighing system for your weighbridge, we recommend using CowConnect Pro.