MAIN SOLUTIONS - Feeding & Consulting


Transform how you feed your herd, with an intuitive app package and weighsystem that fits any brand and type of mixer wagon. 

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The coaching portal where farm advisors can work proactively with multiple farms. Integrations to labs, milkdata and management systems.

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ADD-ON APPLICATIONS - harvesting, weighing and biogas


Contractor solution for DM analysis, nutritional parameters and yield-mapping. All delivered cloudbased,  instant and user-friendly.

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Add Scaleconnect to any weighbridge, and keep track on yield and deliveries on-the-go.  Monitor stock by silo, crop, field and supplier.

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Manage multi-site plants in real-time on digester input, costs and stock. Customized reporting for gas certification.

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COMPONENTS - Gateway, terminals and software

Connected Gateway

Hardware unit that fits scale connectors from Digistar, PTM, LABEL and Dinamica.

Send out weightsignal by WIFI.

Connector for external weightinput included. Farm Wifi not needed.

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Remote display

Selection of ruggedized tablet terminals. Choose between 5" and 8". 

Receive weight from gateway by WIFI.

Robust suctioncup mounting and additional dockings available. 

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App & Portal

Operate solutions and access data by app (IOS & ANDROID) and portal.

Multiple app login on mobile devices. 

Subsriptions include software license, updates, simcard and support.

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INSTALLATION - Plug & Play with guidance

1. Installation

Mount bracket for gateway - connect to power and loadcells or serial inout.

Registrate enduser account. Install app, connect to wifi & calibrate. 

Guide - Mounting & calibration

2. Get started

Videoguides and tutorials integrated in feeding app, portal and website.

Guidance by hotline on phone or by chat. Onsite startup visit on request.

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3. Support

Cowconnect delivers 24/7 support and remote monitoring of hardware. 

Subscriptions includes software license, updates, hosting, simcard and support.

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Join Cowconnect in multiple ways

Loading Sheet

No more paper feedsheets.  Free digital platform to communicate around feeding on-farm and with advisors. Keep your nutritionist connected to your herd.

Loading Guide

Loading support. Sign Up - Free 60 day trial for feature Loading Guidance. Use App in combination with feeder display. Guidance on loading with manual entry on actual loaded amounts.

Loading Connection

Feed as a team. Mount Gateway and connect to power and loadcells. Connect to WIFI and receive weightsignal from Gateway. Live reports on mixprecision and feedintake.

Integration & Data Partners

Dairy farming is a complex proces, and Cowconnect meet the request to integrate feeding data with other farmdata. We also enable you to share data with trusted farm partners.

Feed management

Syncronize rations, feedformulations, lab analysis and feedefficiency reports with selected feeding partners. 

SEGES (DK), Växa (SE)

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Herd Management

Automatic exchange of milk yield and groups from selected software.

Uniform Agri, Delaval Delpro, GEA Dairyplan, DC305. 

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Other Partners

Milkprocessors - Muller (UK)

Field/crop data - SEGES (DK)


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