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How it works

Cowconnect is a plug and play cloud-based App & Portal precision feed management system. Suitable for all brands of mixer wagon new and old.

Reduce the margin for errors in calculations being made on paper, use the Cowconnect App to change cow number and ration size to calculate the required ingredients.

Run reports on exactly what and how much feed is mixed to the cows. Let the Cowconnect App calculate how much TMR for each group/trough.

The system makes it easy to understand the processes and the effects on productivity and profitability.

Receive deliveries of ingredients directly in the App, see exactly how much of an ingredient is in stock and where its being used.

On the portal the stock feature will tell you how many feed days are left of each ingredient.

Run used feed reports including costs at any time, giving you total control. Plan forward with knowing exactly what feed is available on farm.

Spend less on feed and increase income.

The hardware package consists of a weighsystem with small and large terminals.

The weigh system called Scale Gateway has to be mounted on your mixer wagon and the tablet terminals handed to you and your feeding team. The terminals can be mounted in the cabin for ease of use.

Scale Gateway fits connectors for power and loadcells. See how it fits your mixer

Terminals with the app solution comes in three different packages to suit herd size and management preferences, the cloud-based system provides accurate data on consumption of feedstocks, the components of the rations and the ability to monitor feed costs dry matter intake. Read more here …

Data integration with herd management software allows cow numbers for groups/troughs is transferred automatically to Cowconnect App.

Milk integration means Cowconnect can collect your milk data in many ways, milk processors and management software. This allows you to run many reports and see feed efficiency.

UK dairy farm

Colin Murdoch

“We’ve improved feed efficiency and accuracy of loading. Without changing anything else we’ve added on 1.4 litres a cow per day so the system is more than paying for itself. We’re getting used to working with it, the simplicity is great. I’m hoping to connect it up to Uniform and our milking parlour to give on the go costings on a daily basis. ”

Key Farm Benefits

Drive feeder accuracy

The Cowconnect weightsystem is long-lasting-and-cost-efficient and its estimated to pay for itself within 90 days.

Income over feed cost

Feed expenses is a major factor in dairy farming. Get reliable and live reports on feed intake. Spend less on feed and increase income.

Herd and milk integration

Cowconnect integrates with your herd management system and provides automatic import of milk yield and cow numbers.

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