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Closing the gap between the advice and result



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Digital platform for collaboration

Feedconnect gives me the ability to be on top of the results every day. Changes on diets can be closely followed and when the system notices a possible mistake I get a direct warning. 

Feedadvisor NL

Connections with the management system and milk processor gives me a direct inside on how the cows are doing and gives me the ability to go direct into action with the latest data when I go on-farm. 

Feedadvisor UK

Feed sheet App included

Live feeding data

Bringing data together

Have a holistic overview 24/7

Available farm & data connections

Feed Management

Integration to Cowconnect and other on-farm feeding systems. Get realtime data on accuracy, intake, and usage.

Herd Management

Always have the herd data correct with a direct link to different management systems to keep track of the herd data.

Farm connections

Countryspecific integrations to labs, 3rd party ration formulation software and milkprocessors on quantity & quality.

Dairy farmer, uk


"My nutritionist introduced Feedconnect recently. As sideeffect we finally have a platform for collaboration across the vet and business consultants too."

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collaboration platform

Live Feeding Dashboard

Real Time Feed management

Update on-farm feed systems

Integrating farm dATA

Graphs integrating all feeding data

key features

Live Dairy Costings

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Closing the gap between the advice and result