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Feedconnect gives me the ability to be on top of the results every day. Changes on diets can be closely followed and when the system notices a possible mistake I get a direct warning. 

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Connections with the management system and milk processor gives me a direct inside on how the cows are doing and gives me the ability to go direct into action with the latest data when I go on-farm. 

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Bringing data together

Have a holistic overview 24/7

Feed Management

Integration to multiple systems. Get realtime data and a direct overview on accuracy, intake, and usage.

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Herd Management

Always have the farm data correct with a direct link to different management systems to keep track of the herd data.

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Be on top of the quantity, quality and prices of the milk that leaves the farm to optimise on the latest results.

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Feedconnect can integrate on-farm feeding data with Cowconnect in multiple ways.

Scaleconnect is a combined solution of a cloudbased software and a hardware Gateway. Gateway connects to and read weight output from any indicator or display. All registrations are done by app directly from the tractorseat.

Loading Sheet

No more paper feedsheets.  Free digital platform to communicate around feeding on-farm and with advisors. Keep your nutritionist connected to your herd.

Loading Guide

Loading support. Sign Up - Free 60 day trial for feature Loading Guidance. Use App in combination with feeder display. Guidance on loading with manual entry on actual loaded amounts.

Loading Connection

Feed as a team. Mount Gateway and connect to power and loadcells. Connect to WIFI and receive weightsignal from Gateway. Live reports on mixprecision and feedintake.