Transform how you
feed your herd

No more paper feedsheets

Cowconnect  gives us all information at hand. It's userfriendly, efficient and helps us feeding as a team. Even my dad likes the ease of use.

Danish Dairy Farmer

We retrofitted the Cowconnect weighsystem on our feeder to drive the feeder accuracy, and to keep our nutritionist connected to the feeding proces.

French Dairy Farmer
Available for all types and brands of feeders

Hardware package

Weigh system and tablet terminals

Plans and features

Feeding App and Portal Package

Plug & Play Feed Management

1. Installation

Mount Gateway and connect to power and loadcells. Connect to WIFI and receive weightsignal from Gateway.

2. Start feeding

Setup and adjust rations by app. Use any mobile device on IOS and ANDROID as remote display and feeding app.

3. Live feeding data

Get reliable and live reports on feed intake, efficiency and costs. Access feeding data by app and online portal.

Farmer, 1500 cows

Easy access

"Because Cowconnect is a cloud based system I can access and monitor my feeding everywhere"

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Free demo - 30 days

Mix Guidance

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Feeding App and Portal Package

Choose an app package that fits your herd size and management preferences. Subscriptions includes simcard, hosting updates and support. 

LITE features

Auto sync of rations across mobile devices and cloud, access to portal with live reporting of mixprecision and loads.

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PRO features

Management of unloading to multiple pens, stockmanagement and reporting of DM intake and feed efficiency.

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PREMIUM features

Automatic dataintegration of milk yield and cow numbers from herdmanage-ment systems. Admin multiple farms.

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