Get started

The plug & play hardware udgrade

The Cowconnect weighing box is compatible with all of brands and types of feed mixer wagons.

The box sends the weighing signal directly to your mobile or terminal, making mixing easier and more accurate.

Use the box as a replacement for traditional displays or as an add on solution.

Weighing box against mixer wagon


Selection of ruggedized terminals

Our ruggedized terminals are designed for industrial use. Operate it with wet hands or gloves too.

Choose the 5" or 8" terminal. All terminals include ruggedized mounts.

Sim card and data are included.

App on phone in tractor

The feeding app

Overview and adjustments

Get the overview directly on your mobile. Set rations on the go, control feed sections, optimize leftover feed and much more.

Mixing and feeding is made simpler and more precise with the loading guide, showing exactly what to put in the feed.

Download the app on your own mobile og choose one or more of the Cowconnect terminals. Find the app on Google Play or the App Store.


Cowconnect app


The online management portal

Get daily reliable reports on feed intake, feed effifiency and feed costs.

Get the overview of feed data, adjust rations, control feedsections, silointake, and much more.

All data is gathered securely in the cloud.

Tractor and wagon with cowconnect box

Data exchange

Added value by data integration

The system offers real-timer exchange of your data with herd management systems.

Download rations directly to your mobile or Cowconnect terminal, and avoid paperwork.

Cows being fed