Precision feeding

The ecosystem to bring farming to the next level

Company history & mission

Cowconnect has, since its launch in 2017, met European farmers' requests for a user-friendly feed management system. Cowconnect app package for weighing af feeding is a plug & play add-on to any type and brand of diet feeder.

The system is intuitive to operate and the benefit is an improved overview on feed- intake, efficiency and costs, helping farmers to increase their profit and save time on their daily feedings.

Cowconnect in numbers

10+ european countries have Cowconnect solutions delivered by local distributors and feeding partners.


15+ employees in development, sale and support. Main office in Denmark. Part of the AB Agri business division Intellync.

700+ CONNECT installations daily manages feeding, digester input, stock and yield mapping.


5+ cloud and app based solutions in a growing ecosystem dedicated to precision feeding. Delivered individually or as a combined solution.