An easier life with Cowconnect

An easier life with Cowconnect

An easier life with Cowconnect

Claus Bak’s everyday life has become much easier after buying Cowconnect.

Claus Bak has gained much a better overview of the feed plans 180 black-bred Danish organic cows after investing in Cowconnect.

- I am really fond of Cowconnect, which I bought one and a half years ago. I bought it because it is so user-friendly and easy to operate for everyone. Since we’ve bought Cowconnect, my work has become much easier, he says, and elaborates:

- We no longer have to spend time reading data from centrally located systems. Today we have all the information at hand in one place and know precisely what to put in the feed.

Less hassle

According to Claus Bak, he experienced the benefits of having the system not long after having it installed at his farm:

- We don’t have to try and keep an overview of lots of papersheets anymore. That way I save a lot of time and trouble.

In addition to the ease of use and time saved, Claus Bak also is glad about the fact that he has not incurred any running costs associated with the system:

- Once installed, it just works. We haven’t had any expenses in the time we’ve had the system, he says.


With Cowconnect, Claus Bak also reduced the amount of errors that can occur when mixing feed. As there often are several employees working, it could sometimes lead to misunderstandings and mistakes.

This is not the case anymore. Today, all employees can access Cowconnect using a tablet or smartphone, giving them a complete overview of the feed:

- Today the mixtime is faster, we have better communication, less misunderstandings and better internal coordination than before. I am very pleased with the system, he says.

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