Cowconnect provides a better overview and improves earnings

Cowconnect provides a better overview and improves earnings

Carsten Lindberg has gained access to valuable data, which has made it easier and more profitable for him to farm after investing in Cowconnect.

With 300 cows to be fed, and several employees to keep track of feed plans, farmer Carsten Lindberg sometimes had challenging days of work. This is however not the case after he introduced Cowconnect to his farm:

- The main difference compared to earlier is that we are now able to collect actual data on our feed. This creates an overview and more real data instead of estimates. It is also a great advantage that the system synchronizes with the DMS system from Seges, says Claus Lindberg and continues:

- Instead of writing the feed plan on paper like earlier, DMS transfers it directly to Cowconnect. This way I don’t need to duplicate work anymore by having to register data onto another computer or terminal. Now we have both our feed plans and control gathered in one place.

Everyone has an overview

Apart from the fact that Carsten Lindberg saves money on working hours, he has also experienced a major improvement in the company's internal communication by using Cowconnect:

- Besides from the fact that the feeding process has become easier, we also avoid problems caused by lack of communication. I don’t need to spend time trying to ensure that there is communication between my employees anymore. Now they have all the data on their cellphone, so they quickly can get an overview, he says.

More money per cow

With the extra time and better overview of the feeding process, it has become easier for Carsten Lindberg to make money:

- If we could make just on Danish crown more per cow by optimizing, we would make an additional 300 Danish crowns a day. Over a month this would be a lot of money, and feed costs are one of our biggest expenses besides from pay, he says, and continues:

- We can also optimize our waste and keep it to a minimum with Cowconnect. We have become extremely aware of our waste after buying the system. Now we can get an analysis quickly and act on it.

That way, the system is worth it because it helps us become more efficient and better at making money.

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